Miragent Studios is a shining new star in the industry!


We are a publisher of fantastic games, and animations with our eyes on the future. Everyday we strive toward what we call the "Miragent Studios Standard". This is our standard of Excellence that we want all of our first and third parties to work and live by.


We stand firmly on our principles.


  • Our fans are our number one priority. Failing to pay attention to your fans is an easy way to ensure your failure.
  • New Intellectual Properties are our strong suit. We will be the publisher who always has a new trick up their sleeve.
  • We will be transparent and honest with you, and will strive to be our best at all times.
  • Avoid shady industry practices - things like pre-order bonuses, season passes, and heavy "pay to win" microtransactions are practices we want to avoid entirely. Instead we want to find consumer friendly ways of supporting ourselves and our future content.
  • Producing complete, high quality, and relatively bug-free games and media is one of our defining qualities as a publisher. Our products will release "when they are ready".


To infinity!


We aim to be the best at what we do, whether its animation, or video games, but our ambitions don't stop there. We want our company to have a stake in several major industries - film, tech, and Music to name a few! We can't wait to see what the future has in store, and where our drive and ambition will lead us!

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